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What are the steps involved in Patent registration

Patent registration in bangalore

Patents are intellectual property rights when it comes to inventions. It is the only right grant grant by the Government of India for a limited period in return for full disclosure of the search. Any inventor or start-up actively searches the public to increase their products or sales and revenue. In today’s competitive market a lot of hard work and considerable effort is put into the commercialization and profitability of the product. But the main question is how to stop a competitor from copying the opposite engineering and product and selling it himself? There should be an incentive for innovation and effort in research and development. Patent filing and patent registration in Bangalore are rampant in India for innovation and ensuring that someone has exclusive rights over its invention.

Patent registration in Bangalore

Patent filing

E-filing services for patent filing were launch in the year 2007 which enable online patent filing of new applications for patents. The Indian patent has developed an e-filing system to cover comprehensive e-filing for patents. It adds to the filing of new applications, subsequent filings integrate. These include web-based filing, dual way login gin, provision for entry of all entries as per Schedule 1 of Patents Rules, 2003, proper validation with IPO patent database, facility of digital signatures and revised procedure to reduce transaction errors.

Patent registration in Bangalore

Documents for patent registration 

The below said documents are need for patent registration.

  • Duplicate Application Form (Form 1)
  • Temporary or full specification in duplicate. If a temporary specification is file, it must be follow by a full specification within 12 months. (Form 2).
  • Drawing in duplicate (if required).
  • Abstraction of search in duplicate.
  • Duplicate each foreign patent application number, filing date and current status information and warranty (form))
  • Priority document in convention application when direct by controller (if priority date is claim)
  • Declaration of explorer-ship where in case of full specification or convention / PCT national stage application (Form 5) after temporary specification.
  • Power attorney if the agent files).
  • Fee (to be pay in cash / by check / by demand draft)

Registration procedure

Patent search

Checking the patentability of the invention by searching is done before filing a patent application for patent registration in India. One should do a detailed search of the patent to determine if the patent is available. You can use the following link to search for patentability.

Drafting of patent application

Also, once the search is complete and after that, the next step in patent registration is to prepare the application form in Form 1. Each application must have a patent specification. This has to be prepare in Form 2 where one has to provide complete or temporary specificity depending on the status of the search (partially completed or not completed). If one files a temporary application, a period of 12 months is provide to finalize the search and file the full application.

A draft patent must also be submit with the application for patent registration in Chennai The patent draft is consider a very important document as it will be use equally in the decision whether the patent will be grant by the patent office fee.

Publication of patent application

The patent application file in the Indian Patent Office Fee will be published in the Official Patent Journal. This is usually done 18 months after the application is file. If someone wants to publish it earlier, they can request Form 9 for an initial release. When the publication of a patent is prohibit by the Indian Patent Act, it will not be published in a journal.

Patent registration in bangalore

Examining the patent application

Every application file will be examine before a patent registration in Bangalore is finally grant. The application has to be made in Form 18 for the examination. If the previous one requests, the previous application will be checked by the examiner. Once the application is file, it is transfer to the Patent Officer, who will examine the application to ensure it is in accordance with the Patent Act and Rules. A thorough search is carry out by the officer where he analyses the depth of the relevant technology in depth and the objections, if any, will be discussed. The report grant is call the First Examination Report (FER).

Grant of patent

Patents are issue once all objections raise by the officer have been resolve.


Benefits of patent registration are as follows:

Firstly, patent grants exclusive legal rights regarding the exploitation of an invention, so it gives the owner the best opportunity to benefit from the invention by preventing others from copying it. No inventor needs a patent to exploit an invention; but without a patent registration the inventor will not be able to stop others from copying the invention.

patent registration in bangalore

Researchers and sometimes companies are not always in a position to produce or sell their inventions from their own resources. Patents, a form of commercial property, provide owners with the basis to:

Negotiations with potential investors or other business partners while maintaining their intellectual property rights;

License someone else to build the search on the terms of consent or

Take legal action against people who use patent search without permission.

The potential for profit from this particular type of protection serves to promote research activity and encourage new investment. Proceeds from the discovery of the patent, given after considerable examination for innovation and research measures, and the R&D subject may be eligible for special favorable tax treatment.


Similarly, It is very important to keep your thoughts secret until they are safe. If you are talking to others about your ideas, use a privacy agreement to prevent them from disclosing your ideas without permission. Ireland’s intellectual property office will not disclose or disclose your search until 18 months after the filing date or priority date – whichever is earlier.

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