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Patent Infringement- a detail View

patent registration in chennai

A patent is a government-granted right to an individual or enterprise that excludes others from making, using, selling or importing a patent product or process without prior approval. In return for this right, the applicant must declare in full the minutes of the search. A patent registration in Bangalore for a product or process that proves successful can give its owner a more serious competitive advantage than competitors. It is valid for 20 years, after which it comes into the public sphere. Patent infringement can be filed for some cases.

Patentable invention can be any art, process, method or way of production; Machine, device or other articles; Substances produced by the product; Used with software or hardware for industry applications; and patents for food, chemicals, drugs and medicines.

The patent infringement may be file by a true and first inventor or his assistant, either individually or jointly by any other person. The legal representative of any deceased person, who was entitle to apply for a patent immediately prior to death, may also apply for a patent office fee. A patent application in Chennai can also be made by assigning the right to apply for a patent for invention.

Global protection

Patents like other intellectual property rights are natural and therefore effective only in the realm of India. However, filing an application in India enables the applicant to file a corresponding application for similar search in convention countries, subject to expiration of twelve months from the date of filing in India. The applicant should obtain a separate patent in each country where his or her invention needs protection. No patents are valid worldwide.

patent registration in chennai

Patent Infringement

The patent granted under the Indian Patents Act 1 1970 grants the patent the sole right to use, sell, import or prevent the sale of the patent in India for the purpose of using, selling and importing the patent. Then there is consent of the patent till the expiration of patent 1. Patent registration in Madurai prevents third parties from commercially exploiting the invention of the patent until the patent is execute. Any use of a patent invention without the proper consent of the patent shall be deem an act of infringement. The act of infringement can result in trouble for the infringer as the infringer may be sue by the patent for the infringement with a demand for financial compensation.

Types of infringement

There are two types of infringement. They are Direct and Indirect infringement.

Direct infringement

Direct infringement – which is the most obvious and common type of infringement. This type of infringement involves the marketing, sale or commercial use of an exact patent item or invention that performs significant functions. Direct infringements can be literal or non literal (also known as equivalent theory). A literal infringement occurs when each component of the patent specification is use in the alleged infringing product / device or process; Non-literal infringement occurs when the infringing device or process may be the same or similar to the claim (significantly the same function; significantly the same way and significantly to achieve the same result – the triple identity test).

Indirect infringement

When an infringement occurs but a direct infringement is commit by someone else. Indirect infringement is of two types, induce infringement in which a person actively motivates him to do so, and contributing infringement, in which a person intentionally violates the patent. Get participation / help. The act of infringement by the other party makes them guilty for the acts of the infringer.

patent registration in Bangalore

Points for avoiding the infringement

There are some acts that do not result in / do not result in patent infringement. Section 107 states that the following acts do not infringe –

  • For any use relating to the development and submission of information required under the laws or regulations of any country other than India, any work for the manufacture, construction, use, sale or import of any patent invention, production, construction, use, sale of any product or Import.
  • Importation of patented products by any person from a person who is properly authorize to manufacture and sell and distribute products by patent under the law.

Once patent registration in Madurai specifications become available to the public, third parties are allow to use such information to conduct experiments for further development on patents (this provision is also call bowler provision which allows manufacturers to initiate research and development process). To ensure in a timely manner that affordable, equivalent generic drugs can be brought to market immediately after the expiration of the product’s patent), which is generally useful in the case of drug manufacturers.


The patent claim is take by the patent during the lawsuit for the novelty and patentability of the patent. If the court does not agree with these aspects, then in many cases the patent claim of the patent applicant was reject by the Indian judiciary. However, if the patent right is establish by the patent right, the orders of the courts were pass by the courts to prevent the patent infringement, in such cases, establishing the three essential elements such as the first facets case, the inevitable injury and the balance of the facility; And appropriate measures to protect patent rights were also pass in various patent infringements.

patent registration in chennai

In the case of a patent infringement in Chennai a claim can be make in the appropriate court, which may be the District Court or the High Court. If a patent infringement claim is file in the district court and a counterclaim is file by the defendant, patent infringement the claim is transfer to the High Court. In a breach claim, the plaint may seek an injunction and may or may not order damages to account for profit from the potential infringer of the patent. Where the defendant proves that at the time of the infringement, he had no reasonable reason to believe that the patent existed, the loss for profit or the order for accounting was not grant. Therefore, steps should be take to inform the general public that a product or process is patent by a patent.

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