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Patent Registration in T.Nagar – Chennai

patent registration in bangalore

Patent Registration in  T.Nagar -Chennai

A patent registration in Chennai is necessary. It is given to someone who has invent something new. It is a statutory right give for a limit time to the patentee by the Government. Of course the patent is a territorial right. The law for patent are primarily govern by the Patent Act1970.

patent registration in chennai

The patents may be of utility patent, design patent and plant patent .PTA means Patent Term Adjustment.PTE means Patent Term Extension.

PTA and PTE compensate the delays during the prosecution of the patent of the applicant. Hence the PTA and PTE extend the term of the patent theoretically permitting the patent owners to enjoy the full 20 years patent for the first non-provisional filing. It is also a process of Patent registration in Madurai

Delays to grant patents increase agencies from outside to review patent applications.

There  are  also delay cause by the regulatory authorities in giving their permissions such as National Biodiversity Authority (NBA) which takes many years before granting approval, resulting in delay in the grant of a patent application. This happens despite complying with all the requirement of Indian Patents Act.

Procedure & Norms

 Patent registration in Chennai is not market for several years even after the grant of a patent, especially in pharmaceutical inventions.It was first mooted in terms of reference by Second committee appoint by Government of India.  

patent registration in chennai
patent registration

If there is any time is consume in the examination process by the applicant, compensation is expect , in terms of waiver of maintenance fees for delay period. Patent linkage encourages further investment in R&D (Research and Development) 

Patent Registration in Bangalore an emerging Asia’s intellectual property standard. It creates efficiency for drug regulators. So grant of marketing approval of any third party prior is not allow to the expiration of patent term unless consented by the patent owner.

Hence this concept is very essential for the generic manufacturer to prove the drug regulator that the drug, which is seeking for approval, is not cover by a valid patent. Various countries like Israel, Japan, Singapore, Australia, Russia, Ukraine, Taiwan, United States of America, and India.

Patent registration in chennai
patent registration in Chennai

Patent registration in chennai

Patent registration in chennai  is valid more than four years after the filing of the patent application and more than three years after a request for examination, the patent will be eligible for PTA. In the case of a PCT national phase application, the base date for calculating the 4-year period is the national filing date. In the case of a divisional application, the base date for calculating the 4-year period is the actual filing date of the divisional application.

Role of PTE

The patent term extension aims at restoring portion of the patent which is lost.

While patent holder is waiting for the regulatory approval of the safety and efficiency of the product. It comes under the Patent registration in Chennai.

 The RCEP is Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership is a proposed agreement. It generally looks to expand the grace time to the patent applications. Also it looks for the expansion of the grace time.

Ever greening is an approach allows the companies to extend the monopoly. For fixing the price of the drugs, drug patent is the most important aspect. When drugs are patent , it is usually relevant to consider the possibilities for patent term extension is used in Patent registration in Hyderabad.

During the extend period, the scope of protection is limit . to any use approved for the product if the patent claims to be the product.

Patent registration in madurai

The effective patent term including restoration period cannot exceed fourteen years following FDA approval of the new drug. It is said that more than one patent may provide protect to the drug.

Depending on the method use for determining the length of extension permitting more than one patent to be extend could result in extension that expired in different times.

If the method of determining extension corresponded to the effective patent term lost due to premarketing preview

No patent could have its term extend beyond seventeen years It is follow in Patent registration in Coimbatore.

 The maximum extension period has been propose to eliminate extensions to long period. And also to avoid delay of pre marketing of the approval. If the maximum period is too long the social cost of innovation may outweigh the benefits.

The maximum extension could be specific number of years with no qualifications.

If the date of filing of the first patent application were selected as the starting point, the patentee would receive no benefit from filing constitutional or divisional application to the delay issue of patent application.

The importance of patent term during which exclusive nature of a patent is in effect cannot be overstated.

Applications are also encourage to refrain from taking extensions when responding to rejections in the time allotted by patent laws, when possible and to keep apprise of the regulations.


PTA is extremely valuable for products that have long development such as Pharmaceuticals, medical devises and University licensed technologies. A blockbuster drug is a drug that generates annual revenue. PTA cannot be used to extend the term of a patent beyond expiration date set in a filed terminal disclaimer. The patent eligible for PTE must claim product, its method, method of manufacturing the product and a medical device. In this fast moving world the inventions are obsolete. To prevent such inventions PTA and PTE are in need.

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