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Different Types of Patent in India

patent registration in chennai

A patent filing in India the Patents Act, 1970 governs the patent system in India. Patent registration in India gives full rights to an inventor or an assistant for a period of 14 years. After this, the patent goes to the public domain. A patent is a territorial right and excludes third parties from infringement, so it can be considered a negative right. Suggested search in seconds. 3 and 4 of the Patents Act, 1970 are non-patentable. 

When filing a patent in India, don’t forget to make your search public. At the time of registration, some list of documents for patent filing in India. To obtain a patent grant, any person must apply for a patent in a patent office fee with jurisdiction to grant a patent in a legal or natural, geographical area, on which coverage is require. Once the specificity of the Patent registration in Bangalore will comply with the relevant office fee laws, a patent may be grant for the invention describe and specify by the specification.

Patent registration in Bangalore

The process of “negotiating” or “arguing” with the patent office fee for patent approval, and the interaction with the patent’s office fee after the patent’s grant relationship, is know as a patent proceeding. A patent proceeding is different from a patent proceeding in that it relates to legal proceedings for infringement after the patent has been granted.

Specification of patent filing in India

A patent specification is a document that describes an invention for which a patent is sought and determines the scope of patent protection. As such, a specification usually has a section describing the background and overview of the search, the discovery and embodiment of the search and claims, which determines the scope of the defense. Specifications may include statistics to assist in the search, gene sequences and references to biological deposits or in the context of computer code, depending on the subject of the application. Most patent office fees also require that the application contain an abstract that provides a search summary for search assistance. The application must also provide a general title.

infringement of patent

Each patent office fee has rules related to the form of specification, such as paper size, font, layout, section header and heading. Such requirements vary between offices.

Once the filing is done (usually with narrow exceptions) the description cannot be change, so it is important to do it properly the first time.

For patent filing in India to check the novelty of the declaration of originality of the proposed patent, it is necessary to first look at the past registry of patent office fees. Under this we assure our customers that their patent is unique and will proceed to the patent filing application. And if the patent is being copy, we also tell our customers that there is something unique to apply for patent filing in India and even if a small part is copied, the patent application will also be rejected. Thus Before starting registration in India, it is necessary to find the complete registry of patent search in Chennai fees and search for patents.


Patent search

Patent search is perform using a patent search database by searching for already grant patents and any published patents. The patent search is make for investigation:

Patentability, Violation and Recognition

Provisional specification application

Provisional specification or provisional patent application is the initial step taken by the inventor before filing a regular patent application in Bangalore

This is done in a situation where – the invention has reach the stage where the invention patent procedure is the best option to protect the invention’s right, however, the practical utility of the invention (industrial application) has not yet been discover. In such cases, it is recommend to file a temporary application.

The provisional patent application file with the Controller Trade trademark and patent is a full disclosure of the invention, but no claims are provide in the application.

Temporary application is consider beneficial because:

Saves priority date

Provides a buffer period of 12 months to file a regular application (full specification application)

The cost of a provisional patent application is comparatively lower than a regular application.

The patent-pending tag applicant may include a search to prevent competitors from using the search for their commercial use.

Full specification application

The patent office fee should be a complete specification application in such a way that the invention should be clear to the person who is skill in that particular art. The full specification filed by the applicant should be a holistic attempt to describe and define the invention, so that the patent office fee does not matter. The full specification application must include:

  • Search title
  • Description of the discovery
  • There must be at least one claim for the search, and
  • A picture to illustrate the search function. (In some cases, the patent office may require a working model or prototype)
patent registration in Bangalore

Publication of patent in official Journal

Once the patent application is file in the patent office fee, the patent office fee declares the patent office fee in the official journal 18 months after the date of filing. The published patent is open to the public for objections against the same if any.

First Exam Report (FER)

The examination report is not issue automatically by the patent office fee. Anyone who has applied for a patent (or third-party interest in the application) may file a request for an examination report. Exam requests can be make in the patent office fee by paying a fix fee. Application for the exam must be make within 48 months of the application’s priority date. Any applicant who does not apply for the exam within 48 months is rejected or withdrawn.

registration in bangalore
Answer the exam report

The patent application is analyze by the patent analyze fee to check the validity of the patent and other basic defects in the patent application. The FER send by the patent office fee should be thoroughly analyze for objections and any corrections should make to the full specifications. Paying significant feedback simplifies the patent application process.

Patent approved or patent denied

Once all the objections raised in the examination report have been present, and the examiner of the patent will be satisfy with the application, the Patent Office will approve the Patent registration in Coimbatore. However, if the patent examiner is not satisfy with the answer file, they may reject the patent grant.

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